Northern Iowa Student Government

2020 NISG Election Results

On Febrary 26th, 2020, the Election Commission announced the Northern Iowa Student Government Election results for the next Student Body President, Vice President, and Senators. We would like to congratulate each of these individuals on such an accomplishment. Their names and positions are as follows:

Graduate College Senators
Denise Kassis
Jaclyn Davidshofer

College of Business Senators
Esha Jayswal
Mohammed Rawwas
Matthew Barton

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Senators
Ochuko Avwunuma
Rocio Castrejon
Danielle Goedken
Gisselle Herrera

College of Humanity, Arts, and Sciences Senators
Abigail Kraft
Alisanne Struck
Randy Everding
Noelle Sampson

There were no viable candidates for the College of Undecided/Interdisciplinary/General Studies or the College of Education. There remains one open seat in the College of Business and two open seats in the College of Humanity, Arts and Sciences.

Student Body President
Elle Boeding

Student Body Vice President
Rachel Greene

Congratulations again to everyone who ran, and a big thank you to the Elections Commission for their hard work.