Northern Iowa Student Government

Join a Senate Committee

The following committees are chaired by current senators.  All students are welcome to apply to the Campus Relations Committee, External Relations Committee, and the Organization & Finance Committee.  The Governmental and Legislative Affairs (GALA) Committee is the governing committee, composed of the three aforementioned committee chairs and the vice president.  The GALA Committee is the only committee closed to student applicants.


*APPLY via an electronic application following the descriptions*


Government and Legislative Affairs Committee:

The Government and Legislative Affairs Committee looks to maintain and improve the Northern Iowa Student Government constitution and bylaws. This review process happens once yearly and makes sure that the bylaws are current and consistent with the University. 

Chair:  Sam Caughron -


Campus Relations Committee: 

The Campus Relations Committee is responsible for planning a variety of events sponsored by NISG, collecting feedback from students on current issues, investigating various general education proposals, acting as a liaison with other student groups to encourage self-promotion, and serving as a forum for student concerns. The Campus Relations Committee monitors issues pertaining to all aspects of student life and academic affairs. 

Chair: Salima Diallo -


External Relations Committee: 

The External Relations Committee works with local governments to lobby on behalf of the university and its students. This body also observes outside groups for actions that affect UNI students, following legislation at the state and federal level. External Relations both assists in the coordination, and participates, in events such as UNI Day at the Capitol, Regents Day, Voterpalooza, and letter-writing campaigns to our state legislators. 

Chair: Muhammad Raza -


Organization & Finance Committee: 

The Organization and Finance Committee is the funding and registration body for student organizations. Students can register a new student organization or seek funding for a program or event by submitting an application to this committee. The committee also allows student organizations to apply for funding in advance through an annual budget process. Unique and educational programs are often funded for the benefit of the student body through this committee. All funding and registration applications are reviewed using the NISG Funding and Recognition Guidelines set by the committee members. 

Chair: Sam Ferguson -