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Northern Iowa Student Government


2017-18 Senate Bills

SSB 2017-01 Registration for Panthers for Animal Welfare Society  

SSB 2017-02 Registration of UNI Bowling Club 

SSB 2017-03 Business Students Ambassadors Registration 

SSB 2017-04 Registration of Pakistani Student Association 

SSB 2017-05 Registration of International Student Volunteers 

SSB 2017-06 Registration of Paranormal Panthers 

SSB 2017-07 Registration of UNIted Dance Company 

SSB 2017-09 Registration of Brand New Congress 

SSB 2017-10 Registration of United Students Institute For Theatre Technology

SSB 2017-11 Regristration of The Movement 

SSB 2017-12 Registration for Panther Entertainment 

SSB 2017-13 Orchesis Funding Request 

SSB 2017-14 Registration for Public Admisntration Student Society 

SSB 2017-15 Registration for Democrats 

SSB 2017-16 Registration for Meditate 

SSB 2017-17 Registration for UNITUBA 

SSB 2017-18 Registration for Bender Hall Senate 

SSB 2017-18 Funding of UNI Veterans Association 

SSB 2017-19 Funding Alpha Xi Delta 

SSB 2017-20 Funding Phi Mu Alpha 

SSB 2017-21 Registration for Pi Lambda Phi 

SSB 2017-22 Registration for Paw Pics Photography Club 

SSB 2017-23 Registration for Makeup Club 

SSB 2017-24 International Justice Mission Funding Request 

SSB 2017-25 To Write Love On Her Arms Funding Request 

SSB 2017-26 Amendment to OrgFi Registration Guideline

SSB 2017-27 Amendment to OrgFi Funding Guidelines 

SSB 2017-28 Student Organization Deactivation 

SSB 2017-29 Registration for Solar Boat Club 

SSB 2017-30 Registration for Alpha Sigma Tau 

SSB 2017-31 Registration for Interested Gentlemen of Lambda Theta Pi 

SSB 2017-32 UNI Veterans Association Funding Request 

SSB 2017-33 Sigma Phi Epsilon Funding Request 

SSB 2017-34 UNIFI Funding Request 

SSB 2017-35 Indian Student Association Funding Request 

SSB 2017-36 Registration for Council of Teachers of English 

SSB 2017-37 Registration for Political Science Society 

SSB-2017-38 Funding for Dance Team 

SSB-2017-39 Funding for Multicultural Teaching Alliance 

SSB-2017-40 Funding for Trombone Society

SSB-2017-41 Funding for Ski & Snowboard Club

SSB-2017-42 Funding for American Chemical Society & Tri-Beta

SSB-2017-43 Amendment to Constitution Impeachment 

SSB-2017-45 Registration for Psychedelic Club 

SSB-2017-46 Funding for Women's Soccer Club

SSB-2017-47 Funding for PRSSA 

SSB-2017-48 Registration for BIEDA

SSB-2017-49 Funding for Phi Alpha Theta

SSB-2017-51 Funding for Harry Potter Club

SSB-2017-52 Funding for Dance Marthon 

SSB-2017-55 Deregistration for Habitat for Humanity

SBB-2017-56 94.5 KULT

SSB-2017-57 Funding for Art for El Salvador 

SSB-2017-58 Funding for UNIFI 

SSB-2017-59 Funding for Colleges Against Cancer

SSB-2017-60 Registration Miller-Massey for UNI 

SSB-2017-60 Registration Jamal-Tristan for UNI 

SSB-2017-61 Registration for Pre-SOMA

SSB-2017-62 Registration for Panthers for Dream Iowa

SSB-2017-63 Funding for American Choral Directors' Association 

SSB-2017-64 Funding for Black Student Union

SSB-2017-65 Funding for Leadership & Management Association

SSB-2017-66 Ammendment to NISG Constitution 

SSB-2017-67 Funding for African Union

SSB-2017-68 Funding for UNIFI 

SSB-2017-69 Funding for Student Council for Exceptional Children

SSB-2017-70 Funding for Model United Nations

SSB-2017-71 Funding for Hispanic Lation Student Union & Interested Gentleman of Lambda Theta Phi 

SSB-2017-72 Budget Reallocation for American Sign Language Club

SSB-2017-73 Funding for Black Student Union 

SSB-2017-74 Amendment to NISG By-Laws: Addition of Lower Cabinet Director of Mental Health

SSB-2017-75 Amendment to NISG By-Laws: Addition of Chief of Staff position 

SSB-2017-76 Amendment to NISG By-Laws: Director of Local Government Affairs position 

SSB-2017-77 Registration for Be the March

SSB-2017-78 Funding for Chi Sigma Iota

SSB-2017-79 Funding for Cheer Team 

SSB-2017-80 Funding for Dance Marathon 

SSB-2017-81 Funding for Panther eSports 

SSB-2017-82 Amendment to NISG Constitution: Change of College Procedure 

SSB-2017-83 Amendment to NISG Constitution: Chief of Staff 

SSB-2017-84 Amendment to NISG Constitution: Maintenance 

SSB-2017-85 Registration for Sports Business Club

SSB-2017-86 Funding for BIEDA 

SSB-2017-89 Funding for UNIFI 

SSB-2017-92 Registration for Panther Tabletop Gaming

SSB-2017-93 Registration for Pre-Nursing Club

SSB-2017-94 Funding for Ballroom Swing

SSB-2017-95 Funding for CATS 

SSB-2017-96 Funding for Sigma Phi Epsilon 

SSB 2017-97 Funding for Greek Week

SSB 2017-98 Funding for Non-Profit Leadership Alliance 

 SSB-2017-99 Registration for Guild of Carillonneurs 

SSB-2017-100 Interested Gentlemen of Lambda Theta Phi 

SSB 201-101 Funding for UNIVA

SSB 2017-102 Funding for NRHH 

SSB 2017-103 Funding for International Student Association 

SSB 2017-105 Budget FY18