Northern Iowa Student Government

Blog #2 - End of Semester Updates

Hello again!


November held a local election for the residents of Cedar Falls. There were three mayoral candidates and three council member seats that were up for re-election. The newly elected Cedar Falls mayor, Rob Green, will take office on January 2020. The second ward council member is incumbent Susan deBuhr. The fourth ward Council member and At-Large Council seat were both decided in a special runoff election on December 3rd. Simon Harding will be the new fourth ward member and the At-Large seat went to Dave Sires. This vote gave students on campus a way to express their civic duties in their local community. An election like this is important because it promotes how local legislation effects the voters more directly when compared to state and federal elections.


Legislative sessions will begin on January 13, 2020. It is important to know your senators and representatives. Those that represent the Cedar Falls area in the Senate are: Annette Sweeney District 25, Eric Giddens District 30, William A. Dotzler Jr. District 31, and Craig Johnson's District 32. The members of the House of Representatives are Dave Williams District 30, Bob Kressig District 49, Sandy Salmon District 63, and Pat Grassley 50, and RasTafari I. Smith District 62. Knowing your local representatives and senators is important because they play a huge role in policies and laws that affect UNI students and the campus. In our next blog post we will be discussing what UNI Legislative Liaison Team will be lobbying for. 


Our next meeting will be January 22, 2020 in the College Eye Room at 7:00 pm! Please come see us!