Northern Iowa Student Government

Blog # 4

With a funnel date coming up for Iowa Legislators there are some important bills that have in circulation. HF2164, which is a bill that would remove gender identity as a protected class under the Iowa Civil Rights Act, has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee. HF684, a bill to provide medical amnesty for college students, is currently in the Committee on Public Safety to be deliberated. That bill has been introduced in the past, but it has never survived to the voting stage. SSB3009, a bill to prevent existing municipal communications from offering discounted or competitive rates, has been introduced to the Senate. Lastly, SSB3158, a medicaid work requirement bill that would require most medicaid recipients to find a job or volunteer, is currently in the Labor and Business Relations Committee.

Also, there are federal Senate seats coming for re-election. Sen. Joni Ernst (R) has a seat that will be up for re-election this year. Candidates have until June to declare their candidacy, and the elections will coincide with the Presidential elections in November. Running against Ernst will be Kimberly Graham (D), a welfare attorney, Theresa Greenfield (D), a real estate broker, Eddie Mauro (D), a businessman and teacher, Michael T. Franken (D), a retired U.S. Navy Admiral, and Cal Wood (D), a TV personality. Cal Woods will be on UNI’s campus on February 27, and Chuck Grassley will also be on campus tomorrow to talk with students in an open forum.