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Northern Iowa Student Government

Maucker Union TV

NISG is now taking submissions for the 50 inch public monitors located in Maucker Union. Participation is limited to university-recognized student organizations and departments. Complete guidelines/by laws are attached below. Please consult both the by laws and the design guidelines (also attached below) when creating your slides.

To submit a graphic, make sure:

  1. Image is in .JPG or in Microsoft PowerPoint format
  2. Image has a 4:3 aspect ratio, and is 1024x768 pixels in size (It will be displayed in 16:9 mode, so it may appear stretched on-screen)
  3. As a note, NISG doesn’t guarantee the appearance of slides once placed on monitors. See by laws and regulations for full eligibility of slide placement.

Maucker Monitor Guidelines

Usage of Monitors in Maucker Union

I. General

  1. Maucker Union provides space for the campus community to display advertising, announcements, and messages in the form of bulletin boards, electronic monitors, table tents, and display cases. University recognized groups/departments and approved non-profit community groups may also advertise.
  2. Each year, the by-laws for these monitors will be reevaluated by a sub-committee of the Student Affairs Committee. This is to ensure that the by-laws reflect positively on the mission of Maucker Union and university policies, along with student views and opinions on monitor usage.
  3. Use of the monitors for advertising and other pre-approved purposes is free to all recognized student organizations, university offices, departments, colleges, and divisions.
  4. NISG does not necessarily endorse messages or views expressed in advertisements.

II. Criteria for Approval

  1. The name or logo of the organization must appear on each advertising monitor slide.
  2. There is a limit of one slide per event, but multiple organizations/departments sponsoring the same event may submit one slide per organization.
  3. The message of the advertising slide cannot promote consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of tobacco products or drugs.
  4. Advertising slides cannot promote credit cards.
  5. All advertising slides must be in compliance with any and all applicable University of Northern Iowa Policies and Procedures.
  6. Advertising slides may advertise products or services of a commercial business if they are part of a fundraiser or program for a recognized student organization or campus department. All commercial sales or promotions advertised on the monitors must be sponsored by a recognized student organization or campus department.
  7. As the content of advertising slides should be primarily focused on the event or message of the sponsoring organization or department, no more than one-third of the message can contain information regarding a commercial sponsor, product, or service
  8. All advertising slide submissions must follow the Procedure for Approval, as detailed below.

III. Procedure for Approval of Advertising Slides

  1. To run an advertising slide on the Maucker Union monitors, organizations/departments must email the desired advertising slide to at least three business days before they wish the advertising slide to run on the monitors.
  2. Included within this email, organizations/departments should include a contact person and their contact information, name of the organization or department, the name of the event, and the requested dates to run the advertising slide.
  3. All advertising slides should be in jpeg format, and should be titled under name of organization and event (e.g. NISGGreenWeek.jpeg)
  4. Upon receiving advertising slide requests, the NISG Office Manager will contact organizations/departments if there is an issue with the requested slide.
  5. The NISG Office Manager will manage the submission and posting process for all monitor slides, according to the criteria in these By-Laws. Any questions regarding the application of these criteria in specific cases will be addressed by the Student Affairs Committee of the NISG Senate.
  6. Advertising slides will only be allowed to run for a period of (up to) two weeks without resubmission and will be removed once the event has transpired.
  7. If an organization/department wishes to run an advertising slide for longer than two weeks, the slide must be resubmitted to
  8. NISG does not and will not alter images. They are displayed as submitted.
  9. NISG does not and will not guarantee the appearance (readability, cut-offs, discoloration, etc.) of images. It is highly encouraged that organizations/departments wishing to advertise read through the Design Guidelines available on the NISG website (')

IV. Procedure for Approval of Advertising Slides

  1. These by-laws are to be reviewed, and possibly revised, annually by the Student Affairs Committee, and approved by the NISG Senate no later than November 1st of each academic year.