Northern Iowa Student Government

Panther Shuttle

The Panther Shuttle is a free bus service offered to UNI students, faculty and staff. The Panther Shuttle runs a regular route between the UNI Campus and major off campus stops Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. 

The Panther Shuttle is designed to increase transportation convenience and reduce parking problems for university students. The service is free to students, faculty and staff. It is funded in part by NISG, student activity fees, and other campus & area supporters (see below).

In order to board the bus you may need to present your UNI student ID. You can board the bus at any on or off campus stop as long as you have your ID.

If you have questions or concerns about the Panther Shuttle feel free to reach out to any member of Northern Iowa Student Government or contact the executive branch at  

Panther Shuttle Route

Note: Route 9, a route formerly offered to UNI students and faculty/staff, is no longer free. There is a PDF of the route below.

Route 9 CF Loop

Panther Shuttle Sponsors: 

UNI Public Safety

Hillcrest Apartments

The Quarters Apartments