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Student Engagement with School of Music

Kristin Rasmussen Fall 2018

The overarching goal of this project is to gauge how actively involved students are with the school of music, what we can do better to get students involved, and then pushing forward to implement better methods of getting students out to see us!


Wifi Device Accessibility on Campus

Chad Schafer Fall 2018

Students have multiple devices that cannot connect to WIFI on campus so we are looking into the availability for these devices.


Free Menstrual Products on Campus

Katie Wempen & Ryan Frank Fall 2018

The purpose of this initiative is to provide students the ongoing convenience and service of free menstrual products within on-campus restrooms.

In Progress

Panther Push Day

Jennifer Zehner Fall 2018

On Nov. 8th, UNI will be hosting it's first event focused solely on referring individuals to UNI. This event is in collaboration with Admissions, Alumni Association, Athletics, and 5 student organizations. There will be more information shared through social media, at sporting events, and through other advertisement initiatives.

In Progress

Campus Funding Workshop for Advisors and Students

Jacob Stites Fall 2018

Informational workshop for advisors and students on all funding and fundraising opportunities on campus at UNI.


Find Your Involvement

Sara Goodman Spring 2019

FYI is a new and improved way for students to find organizations that are just the right fit for them. Quickly create an account and select your interests to begin matching.

This allows student organizations to create an account where they can display and market their organization to the general student body.

In Progress

Student Fee Transparency

Kristen Ahart Fall 2018

Updating Students on the breakdown of their tuition and fees and to what specifically their money is going.


Panther Shuttle

Andrew Stensland Fall 2018

Bus routes during the week to pick people up at specific locations around the Cedar falls area and bring them to and from campus.

On Hold

Coca-Cola Funding

Jacob Stites Fall 2018

The Fund seeks to provide a new, unique, and flexible funding source to UNI student organizations, and to supplement those monies already available from other sources.


Legislative Liaison Team

Matthew Johnson Fall 2018

This team is dedicated to representing students at the state and federal capitol on general funding, education policy, and other areas affecting students.


Public Safety Spotlights

Andrew Stensland Fall 2018

Working with University officials to keep up to date on safety measures.

In Progress

Extended Library Hours

Jamal White Fall 2017

Working to extend library hours during midterm and finals time for at least a 2 week period