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Coca-Cola Funding

Amela Music Spring 2020

The Fund seeks to provide a new, unique, and flexible funding source to UNI student organizations, and to supplement those monies already available from other sources.


Find Your Involvement

Sara Goodman Spring 2019

Panther FYI (Find Your Involvement) was created to provide UNI students the opportunity to connect with student organizations that match their interests. It also provides students the ability to create an out of the classroom resume of their student organization engagement. This was a service created by NISG members in 2017 and has been officially handed off to the UNI Student Life Team for care and administration.


Free Menstrual Products on Campus

Katie Wempen & Ryan Frank Fall 2019

The purpose of this initiative is to provide students the ongoing convenience and service of free menstrual products within on-campus restrooms.

In Progress

Legislative Liaison Team

Isaak Espersen Spring 2020

This team is dedicated to representing students at the state and federal capitol on general funding, education policy, and other areas affecting students.


Panther Pantry Assistance

Ethan Vance Fall 2019

Working to diversify the pantry to accommodate all students and help find long term sources of food and necessities.


Religious Accommodation Policy

Ethan Vance Fall 2019

Working on getting a religious accommodation policy at UNI so students and faculty can practice their religion freely without academic or other consequences.

In Progress

Student Engagement with School of Music

Kristin Rasmussen Fall 2018

The overarching goal of this project is to gauge how actively involved students are with the school of music, what we can do better to get students involved, and then pushing forward to implement better methods of getting students out to see us!