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Northern Iowa Student Government


Senate Resolutions 2017-18

SSR 2017-01 Senate Meeting Time 

SSR 2017-02 Appointing Trevor Hilkin as Recording Secretary 

SSR 2017-03 Support of the Diversity Exit Requirement

SSR 2017-04 Transfer of Line Item "Addition of Night Route for FY17" to Contingency 

SSR-2017-05 Bike Share Program Grant Funding 

SRR-2017-06 Transfer of Line Item "Solar Boat Club" to Contingency 

SSR-2017-07 Support of Community Cohesion at the University of Northern Iowa 

SSR-2017-08 Support of Nametag Pronoun Accessibility 

SSR-2017-08 A Resolution for: Support of United Faculty 

SSR-2017-09 Support for DACA & Students Lacking Documentation

SSR-2017-10 A Resolution in Support of Medical Amnesty 



2015 Senate Resolutions

SSR 2016-01 Senate Meeting Time

SSR 2016-02 Transportation Regulation in Iowa

SSR 2016-03 Remembering the Life of Anna Speed

SSR 2016-04 Remembering the Life of UNI Staff Member Tim Merrick

SSR 2016-05 Remembering the Life of UNI Student Carlton Smith Jr.

SSR 2016-06 Appointing Hunter Flesch as a Senator for the College of Education

SSR 2016-07 Appointing Sunny Teeling as a Senator for the Graduate College

SSR 2016-08 Appointing Ben Nettlton as a Senator for the College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

SSR 2016-09 Remembering the Life of UNI Student Caitlyn "Katie" Rae Burns

SSR 2016-10 Appointing Jeremy Rosel as a Senator for the Graduate College

SSR 2016-11 Appointing Tristan Bernhard as an At-Large Senator

SSR 2016-12 Incremental Tuition Increases and State Funding to UNI

SSR 2016-13 Mental Health and Suicidality Awareness

SSR 2016-14 Support of Equal Opportunities for Multicultural Students

SSR 2016-15 The Assembly of the Investigative Committee

SSR 2016-16 Remembering the Life of UNI Student Kyle Raarup

SSR 2016-17 Climate Action at UNI

SSR 2016-18 Appointing Hunter Thompson as a Senator to the College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

SSR 2016-19 Appointing Tanner Filip as a Senator to the College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

SSR 2016-20 Appointing Dustin Toale as a Senator to the College of Business Administration

SSR 2016-21 Appointing Sarah Hofmeyer as a Senator to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

SSR 2016-22 Appointing Aidan Perry as a Senator to the College of Business Administration

SSR 2016-23 Appointing Kaila Pacheco as a Senator to the College of Business Administration

SSR 2016-24 A Resolution for Ashley Brickley, Student Disabilities Services Coordinator

SSR 2016-25 Appointing Elizabeth Smith as a an Undeclared/General Studies Senator

SSR 2016-26 Proposed Psychiatric Fee

SSR 2016-27 Appointing Megan Mapes as a Graduate College Senator


2014 Senate Resolutions 

SSR 2015-01 Appointing Alex Newkirt as Recording Secretary 

SSR2015-02-2014-2015 Senate Meeting Time

SSR 2015-03 Remembering the Life of UNI Student Jared Trimble

SSR 2015-04 Remembering the Life of UNI Student Dawson Besl

SSR 2015-05 Recognizing the Service of Executive Vice President and Provost Gloria Gibson

SSB 2015-05 NextGen Climate Action

SSB 2015-06 Northern Iowa Student Education Association

SSB 2015-08 Green Project UNI- The Panther Plot

SSB 2015-09 The Good Life 

SSB 2015-10 UNI Women's Rugby

SSB 2015-11 UNI Swordfighting Club

SSB 2015-12 UNI Climbing Club

SSR 2015-13 Appointing Gabriella Ruggiero as Recording Secretary

SSB 2015-13 Alpha Xi Delta 

SSR 2015-06 Recognizing Cedar Falls Community Values and UNI Student Housing Needs

SSB 2015-16 Sissy's Sircus

SSB 2015-17 Panther Palms

SSR 2015-07 Appointing Ahsan Khan as a Senator for the College of Business  

SSR 2015-08 Appointing De'Sean Taylor as a Senator for the College of Business

SSR 2015-09 Appointing Rachael Johnson as a Senator for the College of Education 

SSR 2015-10 Appointing Moesha Poole as a Senator for the College of Education 

SSB 2015-18 Organization and Finance Guidelines Updating and Reform

SSB 2015-19 UNI Climbing

SSB 2015-20 Dance Team

SSB 2015-21 Beta Gamma Sigma 

SSB 2015-22 Alpha Xi Delta

SSB 2015-25 Americans for Democratic Action

SSB 2015-26 Game Development Club

SSR 2015-11 Student Vote on the LACC

SSB 2015-30 Panther Pep Crew

SSB 2015-31 Trans*genda 

SSB 2015-27 International Student Association 

SSB 2015-28 American Choral Directors Association 

SSB 2015-29 Webmaster Funding

SSB 2015-32 Org/Fi Guidelines

SSB 2015-33 Student Coalition Builders

SSB 2015- 34 Panther E-Sports

SSB 2015-35 American Chemical Society

SSB 2015-36 Registration for the Leadership and Management Association 

SSB 2015-37 Registration for the Student Art Education Association 

SSB 2015-38 Registration for Uprising Magazine

SSR 2015-12 Yik Yak

SSB 2015-39 Funding for the UNI Dance Team

SSB 2015-40 Registration for Campus Christian Fellowship

SSB 2015-41 Funding Reallocation for UNI Student Theatre Association 

SSB 2015-42 Funding for Black Student Union

SSB 2015-43 Funding for UNI Veterans Association 

SSB 2015-44 UNISTA

SSB 2015-45 Solar Boat Club

SSR 2015-13 Tuition Resolution 

SSB 2015-46 Registration for Minority Graduate Student Association

SSB 2015-48 Funding for Feminist Action League

SSB 2015-51 Funding for Dance Marathon

SSB 2015-53 Harry Potter Club

SSB 2015-54 Tourism Association 

SSB 2015-55 Women Empowered

SSB 2015-47 Funding for Black Student Union 

SSB 2015-49 Funding for Student Theatre Association 

SSB 2015-50 Funding for MSWSA and SWSA

SSB 2015-52 Amendments to NISG By-Laws

SSB 2015-59 Recycling Club 

SSB 2015-56 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 

SSB 2015-57 Students Together for the Advancement of Reproductive Rights 

SSB 2015-58 Dance Marathon

SSR 2015-15 LGBT* Center and Heather Place 

SSR 2015-14 Support of Gender Inclusive Housing options at UNI 

SSB 2015-60 Right to Life 

SSB 2015-61 Indian Student Association 

SSB 2015-62 Club S.O.L.E 

SSB 2015-63 Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council

SSB 2015-64 Art for El Salvador  

SSB 2015-65 St. Stephens, Right to Life, Knights of Columbus

SSB 2015-66 Potters and Sculptors 

SSB 2015-67 Percussive Arts and Society 

SSB 2015-68 Political Science Society 

SSB 2015-69 Network Nirvana 

SSB 2015-70 TESOL 

SSB 2015-72 Model United Nations 

SSB 2015-73 UNIFI 

SSB 2015-74 Sociology Club

SSB 2015-75 Uprising Magazine