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With the 2018 elections quickly approaching, universities across the nation are preparing students to make their voices heard. UNI continues to pave the way as a model community in civic engagement with heavy involvement from NISG and other campus leaders. 

#PanthersVote is a voter engagement initiative created by Director of Government Relations Matthew Johnson and Student Organization leader Brenna Wolfe. This two-part campaign is aimed at creating a cohesive, non-partisan effort to get college students registered to vote and bring them to the polls in November. The 2016 election showcased UNI's previous success with these kinds of initiatives, bringing in a 67.5% student voting rate. This was second best in the entire nation and creates a motivation for Johnson, Wolfe, and other campus leaders to bring UNI to the top. 

The UNI Registrar's office and NISG have partnered together to create a simple list of resources that college students can use for the upcoming election. For example, if you missed the opportunity to get registered during our September 25th voter registration push, you can print off the Voter Registration form and either mail it to the Black Hawk county auditor or drop it off at the NISG office (Upstairs of Maucker Union). 

As a student it is crucial to be registered to vote and get out to vote. If you have any questions about voting, reach out to Brenna Wolfe ( or Director of Government Relations Matthew Johnson (

If you live at The Quarters, Hillcrest, or Gold Falls Villa  → Vote at United Church of Christ, 9204 University Avenue
If you live at Hillside-Jennings or ROTH → Vote at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 4000 Hudson Rd 
If you live at Campbell, Bender Hall, Dancer Hall, or UNI-Dome area → Vote at UNI Bookstore, 1009 W 23rd St 
If you live at College Hill Area, University Manor, or Hidden Valley → Hearst Center, 304 Seerley Boulevard 
If you live at Quads, Lawther, or Panther Village → Gilchrist Hall at UNI, Dakota St. 


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