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His two-part campaign is aimed at creating a cohesive, non-partisan effort to get college students registered to vote and bring them to the polls in November. The 2016 election showcased UNI's previous success with these kinds of initiatives, bringing in a 67.5% student voting rate. This was second best in the entire nation and creates a motivation for Johnson, Wolfe, and other campus leaders to bring UNI to the top. 

NISG has partnered together with many student organizations to create a non-partisan effort to get students to vote. On March 12 and 13, Panthers will have the opportunity to vote in the Senate District 30 Special Election. Satellite Voting will be available in the Maucker Union to vote for the candidates running. As a student it is crucial to be registered to vote and get out to vote. If you have any questions about voting, reach out to Director of Government Relations Isaak Espersen at

More information to come soon.


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