About Us

Northern Iowa Student Government serves as the central governing body for all students at the University of Northern Iowa. Comprised of three primary branches, we represent students in the regulation, implementation and coordination of affairs of the student body. We also represent the student body in matters concerning the university and non-university communities, and we promote any general business in the best interest of the student body.

Our central goals are to:

  • Improve the administration of student affairs,
  • Encourage the greatest level of cooperation and communication,
  • Ensure the protection of student rights, and
  • Provide excellence in education.


Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the Northern Iowa Student Government serves to collaborate with higher administration and work on broader initiatives. This team consists of a President, Vice President, Director of Finance, Director of Governmental Relations, Director of Public Relations and Director of Diversity. The President and Vice President are elected by the student body each spring, and they appoint the remainder of their team.

Under the executive branch also lies the Board of Directors. These individuals serve more specific niche purposes, as defined by their respective titles in the By-Laws. Directors serve to foster more specific communication and collaboration with their outlined populations, although they often partner with other Executive Branch members or Senators to complete their initiatives.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is devised of roughly 20 Senators and one Speaker of the Senate, who serve to represent their respective colleges and the student body as a whole. The number of senators per college is decided upon based on the following regulations: there must be at least one Senator for each college within the University of Northern Iowa. Following that, each college shall be allotted an additional senator for every 750 students enrolled in the college. There shall also be one Senator representing Undeclared and General Studies majors. On occasion, unfilled seats turn to At-Large Senator positions, and are filled respectively. The Speaker of the Senate is voted into position each spring.

All legislative branch members meet on for Senate at 8 p.m. on Wednesday nights in the University Room of Maucker Union (while school is in session). Here, they discuss various bills, resolutions and larger campus issues. These meetings are open to the public each week, and agendas or minutes can be found on this website.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch serves two main purposes: they act as the Supreme Court to regulate all NISG and student protocols, and they act as the Election Commission during campaign season each spring. The Supreme Court consists of nine students currently registered at the University. These Justices are appointed by the NISG President and approved by a two thirds vote of the Senate. Justices serve their term for the duration of their enrollment at the University, or until they resign. There is also a Clerk of the Court. When serving as the Election Commission, Judicial Branch members seek to regulate and monitor the activities of all candidates.


Senate Committees

In addition to the three branches of government, NISG has four primary committees under its jurisdiction. They are the Campus Relations Committee, External Relations Committee, Organization and Finance Committee, and the Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee.

Legislative Liaison Team‌

The Legislative Liaison Team serves as the primary advocates for the University of Northern Iowa at the state and federal level. They act similarly to lobbyists, advocating for the best interest of our students. They meet weekly under the direction of the Director of Government Relations.