Northern Iowa Student Government

Above and Beyond Awards Nominations!

Above and Beyond Awards

Sponsored by the Northern Iowa Student Government and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Purpose: The purpose of these awards is to recognize faculty and staff across campus students believe are going above and beyond their jobs in their commitment to student success.

Process: Nominees need to be nominated by a University of Northern Iowa student in order to qualify.

  • To nominate someone, the nominator must send or share a one page letter to discussing how the candidate meets the relevant criteria (listed below), through personal experiences with the nominee or simply by witnessing how they work.
  • Upon nomination, the nominees will be contacted to submit the items below.
    1. For the Student Learning Award ONLY, a list of courses the nominee taught.
    2. A reflection of how the nominee’s teaching, advising, or service has contributed to student success and wellbeing.
    3. Preferred but not required: at least one other recommendation letter from a student. If the nominees would prefer, they can submit student names for NISG to ask to submit a recommendation letter.

A committee of students from Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) will then meet to select the recipients.

The criteria for each award are as follows:

Student Learning Award

This award is intended for faculty who:

  • Exhibit a passion for teaching and student interactions within and beyond the classroom
  • Demonstrate a clear passion for and commitment to student success and well-being
  • Go above and beyond their job description to assist students in being successful at UNI            

Student Success Award

This award is designed for staff who:

  • Demonstrate a clear passion for and commitment to student success and well-being
  • Go above and beyond their job requirements to engage students in a meaningful manner