UNI Day at the Capitol

Student Government is looking for forty students to be a part of UNI Day at the Capitol happening on March 5th, 2024! This is a great event that allows you to represent UNI and your college or program.

What is UNI Day?

UNI Day is an excellent opportunity for students and alumni to travel to the State Capitol to advocate for the University of Northern Iowa and to speak with their legislators. This is also a day to highlight UNI programs, departments, and organizations in order to exhibit the impact UNI has on the State of Iowa. This event helps enhance the university's public image and showcases the outstanding opportunities the University of Northern Iowa offers.

Why is advocacy important as a student?

Communicating with legislators is crucial for public universities, especially UNI. Legislators dictate funding for public universities, so it is important to reiterate the value of funding higher education. With this in mind, UNI consists of over 90% in-state students who qualify for in-state tuition, making supplemental funding form the government even more important to cover the costs of operation. Students must continue to reach out to their legislators and prove their investment toward providing affordable higher education is of the utmost importance to their constituents and the state as a whole. 

One of the best ways to reach out to your legislator, besides in person, is to write them a letter. Legislators give more attention to letters they can hold versus receiving an email.  If you are interested in writing a letter to your legislator you can find your legislator and their contact information here

If you are interested in being a part of UNI Day contact Noah Hackbart, Director of Governmental Relations at: nisg-govtrelations@uni.edu