UNI’s Department of Technology houses an umbrella of programs that educate students for management, manufacturing, construction, graphics and technology education fields—some of the fastest-growing sectors in Iowa. The department attracts students seeking the technical know-how and management skills required to become industry leaders, and programs address the gap between two-year technical programs and specialized engineering programs.

Iowa industry relies on the graduates of the Department of Technology for its workforce, as the vast majority of graduates work in Iowa. In 2016, 95 percent of graduates found jobs within six months, and 90 percent of those jobs were in-state. Enrollment has also grown more than 20 percent, and through UNI partnerships with community colleges, transfer students are a majority of the new students entering the Department of Technology programs each year.

Industry has changed greatly in the 40-plus years since the Industrial Technology Center was constructed. Built to educate shop teachers in 1974, students now need greater space for collaborative, hands-on learning with industry-standard equipment. The building’s infrastructure is also in need of maintenance. With more than $10.1 million in deferred maintenance, the building systems are beyond their useful life and cannot support the department’s technology-heavy equipment.

The proposed three-year modernization project will update and expand the facility, serving the needs of today’s students and ensuring UNI's Department or Technology can prepare Iowa's industry leaders for tomorrow.

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